About Us


The Otta Group is a Tasmanian family based company that has partnered with its clients to deliver civil construction projects for more than a decade. 

Through a “self-delivery” model consisting of over 100 pieces of plant and a great team of professionals, we provide greater proficiency and agility to ensure our clients receive the best value for money and that our projects get completed to the highest quality possible.

Through our team’s hard work and commitment, a steadfast safety culture, and robust business systems, the Otta Group have become one of Tasmania’s leading Civil Contracting Operations. 

These values, which our long-term supplier and subcontractor partners also share, are central to this success and ensures that our clients benefit from excellent outcomes on their projects.

With a head office in North East Tasmania and projects spread throughout the state and, Otta Group’s expertise includes building sustainable infrastructure projects, waste product recycling and essential equipment support to the industry.

Therefore when it comes time for you to consider who to partner with on your next civil project, you can rest assured that the Otta Group team are available to meet and ensure that you, too, receive the best contracting experience available.

Safety, Environment and Quality

The Otta Group place significant emphasis on protecting the health and well being of its workforce, including the greater community and environment.

Otta Group achieves this by fostering a culture that ensures work is always carried out safely while protecting the environment and delivering the highest quality and service to our clients. The Otta Group’s core values encourage individuals to make these commitments a part of our day-to-day business with the constant sense of commitment to improve. It is strong leadership that drives the integrity of these commitments.

Otta Group has an Integrated Management System covering quality, safety and environmental compliance, which epitomises its commitment to ensuring the highest safety level for our people and anyone who steps onto an Otta Group worksite.