Rock Breaking

  • Non-explosive demolition service
  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Odourless
  • Non-flammable
  • No ecological contamination to flora or fauna
  • No dust contamination
  • No toxic pollution
  • Environmentally friendly – the ideal product for greener building.

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Large boulder that required relocation for building footings

If you’re a fan of the Beach Boys, you might be forgiven for thinking those vibrations are good. After all, “Good Vibrations” was their biggest hit single in 1966. However, Otta Group General Manager Graeme Viney knows different.

“In the construction industry, vibrations are a nightmare for builders,” Graeme explains. “Complaints from neighbours, council restrictions through to damage to adjacent buildings are some of the common impacts from vibration issues that can cripple building project budgets.”

Regulatory authorities set construction vibration intensity levels in each state.

Hole filled with our specially formulated expanding paste solution.

Click here to view the Tasmanian EPA policy on noise and vibration.

“The Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Standards Australia, and local councils set construction vibration levels in each state,” Graeme continued. “The need for such regulation results from construction equipment, including concrete saws, jackhammers and pile drivers, that operate in very close proximity to residential and commercial premises.

On some projects, this machinery is required to operate for extended hours.

If vibrations are a potential issue, councils may necessitate a dilapidation report on neighbouring properties as part of DA approval.”

Our specially formulated expanding paste solution beginning to crack the rock.

When vibration levels from construction become too high, people residing or working nearby often take action to restrict construction activities. Especially if the neighbours demonstrate that levels exceed acceptable limits set by relevant standards and regulations,” Graeme said. “As such, construction vibration may threaten a project’s budget and schedule if not adequately addressed. Controlling construction vibration issues is critical,” Graeme added.

Non-Explosive Demolition 

Our non-explosive demolition service is saving builders in the environmentally sensitive area of Derby in North East Tasmania,” Graeme explained. “Since the introduction of the popular Blue Derby Mountain bike trails, the old mining town of Derby is going through an accommodation construction expansion. One of the geological issues in the area for builders is the large hard rocks that make up most of the ground structure.”

The solution expands with an impressive 14000-18000 PSI strength that breaks the rock.

“If the builders can’t remove these huge boulders when preparing the foundations for footings, they are often faced with expensive rework of building plans, council permits and construction to complete the project.”

“By using our non-explosive demolition service, we can remove large boulders close to an existing house and environmentally sensitive areas around the rivers. Our Non-explosive demolition is virtually noiseless, doesn’t cause fly-rock, ground vibration, gas or dust and is far safer than explosive demolition, blasting rock, jackhammering, concrete saws or stone cutters. Furthermore, itdoes not produce gaseous emissions or fumes that could potentially harm the environment or disrupt surrounding work operations, equipment, filtrations systems or the air quality,” Graeme said.

We come in and shift the broken rock away with a small excavator to minimise the machine footprint and intrusion to neighbours

“The simplicity of our non-explosive demolition process greatly reduces construction costs for builders,” Graeme revealed. “The process involves drilling 1.2-meter-long holes approximately every 600mm similar to blast pattern. Then we fill each hole with our specially formulated expanding paste solution. We leave it for approximately 24 hours to react. The solution expands with an impressive 14000-18000 PSI strength that breaks the rock. Once the rock or boulder is in more manageable pieces, we can bring in a mid-size excavator, which minimises the machine footprint and intrusion to neighbours, to remove the broken rock,” Graeme said.

The completed job, enabled the builder to continue the project with minimal budget overrun.

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Case Study: Inclyne Construction 

The Otta Group’s non-explosive demolition service enabled the building project to continue on budget.

Inclyne Construction owner, Christian Clyne, has nothing but praise for the Otta Group’s non-explosive demolition service. “The township of Derby, Tasmania, literally sits on one big boulder,” Christian revealed. “If it weren’t for Graeme and his team’s unique efforts removing these massive boulders without disturbing existing neighbouring structures, constructing new buildings in Derby would be extremely expensive.”

“We engaged the Otta Group to assist us to remove the massive boulder you see in these images and prepare the footings for the concrete pour,” Christian explained. “Graeme and his team arrived on-site, assessed the task and provided a cost-effective solution that didn’t disturb neighbours, impact the environment or require additional council permits. In a matter of days, the boulder was broken into smaller manageable rocks and removed from the foundation area.”

The huge boulder require the unique skills of the Otta Group to remove.

“As a further cost saving to the customer, we are now able to repurpose those smaller rocks around the property to construct a natural aesthetically pleasing retaining wall and garden feature,” Christian added.

“We have more than three years of work booked here in Derby, and we’ve already engaged Graeme and Otta Team for our future jobs. They certainly provide an excellent service and save us a lot of time and money,” Christian concluded.

The completed job, enabled the builder to continue the project with minimal budget overrun.

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