Fun Facts

Fun and Interesting facts about Otters

Otters are oddly adorable, charismatic aquatic mammals. There are 13 different species of otters. Sadly, their numbers are diminishing at such an alarming rate some are listed on the endangered species list.

Baby otters are usually referred to as pups. Occasionally they may also be called kits or kittens. Male otters are called boars, while Female otters are sows’. A group of Otters is called a family, bevy, lodge, or a romp. The latter term is the most common for a group of otters based on land. Meantime a group of otters in the water is more often referred to as a raft.

Sea otters, principally mothers and their pups, hold hands from time to time while floating on their backs. It’s thought that hand-holding stops the otters from drifting away from each other and their food source when they sleep. They are known to sleep wrapped in long strands of kelp, similar to a blanket. Additionally, the kelp acts like an anchor, which prevents the otters from drifting out to the open ocean.

There are very few animals that play as adults. However, otters are one animal where adults regularly play. Over the years, researchers periodically report sightings of playful otters sliding down a riverbank, not just for efficient locomotion but also for leisure or play. For example, otter’s rock juggling was first thought to improve hunting skills, such as efficiently extract meat from shells. Instead, in recent times researchers have learned, they are more likely to juggle rocks when hungry or bored as means of entertainment.

Colour in an Otta

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Otta Seal

Did you know that Otta is also the name of a cost-effective durable road seal known around the world as “Otta Seal”.  This innovative road seal surfacing technique was developed by the Norwegian Road Research Laboratory as a method to effectively improve the quality of the gravel roads at a cost equal to the current gravel road maintenance. The success of Otta Seal as durable road surface over the past four decades has increased its use and popularity. Check out the links below to learn more about Otta Seal. 

Truck tipping aggregate on to bituminous Otta Seal surface