Crusher Bucket

Our crusher buckets are a cost effective solution of crushing waste, renewable product and any form of rock. Crushing Material down to as little as 10mm with industry leading through put for optimum productivity. The versatility of being powered by an excavator eliminates the need for multiple machines, reducing costs. Read More

Screening Bucket and Grinder Bucket

Our Rotary Screen and Grinder Bucket is the perfect way for refining any rock, soils or land fill waste into a re-usable product. With adjustable screen sizes we’re able to process and deliver a product required for the suitable use from top soil to gravel and road base.


Our Pulveriser is typically used for cutting of concrete and metals, this attachment is well suited for demolition work and busting up of rock and any other large course materials swiftly. We are then able to effectively remove any foreign metals and debris to enable efficient crushing or screening of the remaining product.

Traditional Excavation

With excavators and digging equipment ranging from 2-20 Tonne the OTTA Group have all a comprehensive range of machinery and mobile attachments to deliver the ideal solution for any excavation project. We specialise in rock and waste product crushing, screening, land clearing, drainage, driveways and general earthworks.

Non-Intrusive Excavation

Our highly skilled operators use utilise our hydro-vac which combines high pressure water blasting with vacuum suction for precise, non-invasive and environmentally friendly excavation to safely uncover underground utilities which is essential to verify paint marks and utility identification without damage to surrounding environment or building structures.

Vacuum Truck

Our Vacuum truck combines a 2500-litre water tank for the onboard high-pressure washer while the 9000-litre vac-waste tank is more suitable for a variety of jobs from the smallest to the largest that include, Chemical waste removal and cleaning, Pit suction and On-board pressure wash for material blasting and cleaning.

Heavy Haulage

Our Tri-Axle Float is capable of carting up to 30-tonne machines, equipped with 2 x 30’000 LB Warn winches. It is capable of being widened up to four metres this is ideal for machinery and equipment recovery and cartage. Having our own float enables us to transport our machinery to our customers’ projects efficiently reducing costs.


We currently have three tippers in our modern fleet that are equipped for all material transportation. Whether it be land fill or waste disposal, moving product or supplying new product our modern fleet of tippers will deliver your materials efficiently and safely.